4 Shoes Every Man Should Have In His Collection This Spring


Unless you’re in the army, a builder or a Hells Angel, attempting to wear the same clunky pair of leather boots year-round is less than practical. As the bitter cold turns to warmth, and the pouring rain gives way to, well, slightly less pouring rain, it’s wise to give your footwear collection a seasonal reshuffle.

For more than 130 years, heritage shoemaker Frank Wright has been making the switch between seasons seamless, first for Victorian-era cavalry officers, then the London Carnaby Street fashion scene, and now everyday stylish guys.

Today the company draws on its rich history to create a mixture of trend-led and timeless designs, including these four key styles that no man should be without this spring.

The Casual Derby

Simple, stylish and versatile, it’s hardly an enigma as to why the Derby shoe has found favour with men from all walks of life for centuries.

More relaxed than its close-laced Oxford cousin, but still capable of looking smart, there are few situations when having a few pairs to hand doesn’t make the arduous task of getting dressed easier.

At the weekend, wear them with jeans and a button-down shirt for a more polished take on standard downtime attire, or sub-in chinos during the week to nail tricky to dress for smart casual events.

Frank Wright Biscuit Arabian Suede Derby ShoeFrank Wright Biscuit Arabian Suede Derby Shoe
Frank Wright Biscuit Arabian Suede Derby ShoeFrank Wright Biscuit Arabian Suede Derby Shoe

Our Pick: Grey Detroit Nubuck Derby Shoe

The designers at Frank Wright understand the importance of a good pair of Derby shoes, and as such have designed a range incorporating everything from sportier styles like the Chiefs trainer hybrid, to classic options like the perforated suede Rudd shoe.

But we’re particularly fond of the brand’s Detroit style. Rendered in soft grey nubuck, it’s a traditional silhouette infused with modern touches such as a sleek low profile and white rubber sole, bringing it bang up to date.

Grey Detroit Nubuck Derby Shoe

The Tassel Loafer

It’s a question that has divided the menswear scene for decades: is it even summer if you aren’t strutting around with your ankles on show? Perhaps not. And perhaps even less so without a pair of tassel loafers on the ends of your legs.

The ideal shoe for everything from hazy afternoon beer garden sessions to full-scale, summer wedding frivolity; whoever said feet can’t look stylish and smart in the warmer months had clearly never slipped a pair of these on.

While it can never hurt to own multiple designs, when first building a selection of slip-ons it pays to invest in neutral tones that will happily sit under slim, contemporary denim one day, and a cropped suit trouser the next.

Frank Wright Biscuit Orlov Suede LoaferFrank Wright Biscuit Orlov Suede Loafer
Frank Wright Biscuit Orlov Suede LoaferFrank Wright Biscuit Orlov Suede Loafer

Our Pick: Biscuit Orlov Suede Loafer

Frank Wright’s unique blend of classic sensibilities and subtle contemporary touches make its tassel loafers some of the best around. Think summery colours, light materials and plenty of the brand’s signature style.

A prime example is the Orlov loafer in suede. With a clean minimal upper resting on a modern rubber sole, it’s the perfect way to spice up your warm-weather footwear rotation.

Biscuit Orlov Suede Loafer

The Desert Boot

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing boots entirely. The occasional wet or chilly day makes a lightweight pair a viable option and, if you pick the right style, it’s simple to make them work with the rest of your wardrobe.

Enter the desert boot. Inspired by the footwear worn by army officers based in Cairo during WWII, today the shoe does its best work stationed in men’s wardrobes on home turf.

Whether deployed under suit separates to take the formal edge off tailoring or alongside corduroy trousers and a smart bomber for a look that feels true to its heritage, you’re guaranteed good wear out of these.

Frank Wright Clay Walker Suede Lace Up BootFrank Wright Clay Walker Suede Lace Up Boot
Frank Wright Clay Walker Suede Lace Up BootFrank Wright Clay Walker Suede Lace Up Boot

Our Pick: Navy Wentworth Suede Derby Boot

Featuring classic suede desert boots like the Walker, and modern canvas lace-ups like the Truro, Frank Wright has everything that’s needed when it comes to transitional footwear that’s ready for anything.

A modern take on the classic shape that manages to be both timeless and contemporary, the Wentworth boot is as good as it gets. Featuring luxurious navy suede uppers, contrasting laces and an on-trend gum sole, it’s quite possibly the most versatile design we’ve seen to date.

Navy Wentworth Suede Derby Boot

The Moccasin

As the heat rises, your aim should be to remain well-stocked with footwear that doesn’t just look cool, but feels cool too. As such, it’s hard not to get breathlessly excited over a pair of moccasins.

The style traditionally consisted of a sole and sides made from a single piece of leather, but modern variations are finished with a strip of rubber or cork underfoot for added durability. The result is footwear that’s smarter than an espadrille but more laid back than ‘proper shoes’, making it ideal for holidays abroad.

Back on home soil, no man strutting through the city in classic denim should be without a pair of these breezy beauties. Some cuffed jeans and a well-fitting T-shirt is all that’s needed to make this bona fide warm-weather essential sing.

Rutland Cognac Suede MoccasinRutland Cognac Suede MoccasinFrank Wright Rutland Cognac Suede Moccasin
Rutland Cognac Suede MoccasinFrank Wright Rutland Cognac Suede Moccasin

Our Pick: Rutland Khaki Suede Moccasin

Season after season, Frank Wright brings its signature style to this casual classic, reimagining it in earthy, neutral tones that will work perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe.

The Rutland moccasin is a laid-back take on the silhouette. A cork and rubber sole unit offers a ready-for-anything look, while the lace-up body and traditional moc-toe stitching maintains that relaxed vibe we all strive for when the mercury rises.

Rutland Khaki Suede Moccasin

Shop the full spring/summer collection now online at frankwrightshoes.com.

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How To Look Good (Nearly) Naked

The Best Men’s Underwear Guide You’ll Ever Read

Stop your pants looking, well, pants, with our guide to the styles you need, how to keep them fresh – and the insider’s trick to looking good in just your underwear

Image: David Gandy for M&S Autograph

By FashionBeans Editors

Unless you’re a) David Gandy or b) one of those guys who has to take it too far by stripping off on a night out, your underwear is not for public consumption. However, that doesn’t mean you’ve got licence to wear the living daylights out of whatever overstretched, greying grundies that you can get your mitts on. Underwear matters.

And, it’s not just incase you get lucky or hit by a bus that you should pay attention to what lies beneath. Compiling the perfect underwear line-up will do wonders for how you feel in your clothes and will soon put a stop to your boxers getting funny ideas about moving far further northwards than your trousers.

To make sure your underwear etiquette is on point, we’ve put together absolutely everything you need to know about getting your kecks in check. And funnily enough, it turns out that your mum doesn’t know best.

A Brief History Of Men’s Underwear

The first record of anything resembling underwear dates back to around 7,000 years ago and takes the form of Ancient Egypt’s loin cloth: a strip of fabric wound and fastened around its wearer’s delicates. Basically, an adult nappy.

It wasn’t until around the 13th century that more recognisable underwear made an appearance, with slip-on loose undershorts that ended at the calf becoming a social non-negotiable. The Renaissance stepped up underwear’s sex appeal a gear by going tighter and shorter (only knee length, mind), while the period’s introduction of a urination flap which could be opened at a moment’s notice turned out to be one of mankind’s greatest inventions, ever.

The following centuries witnessed little change (give or take an inch or two at the hem or fabric choice) until the 1930s when briefs appeared, challenging short-style underwear’s monopoly on modesty preservation. For the rest of the 20th century men drew battle lines between boxers and briefs, with the boxer brief born out of a desire to unite men everywhere – it didn’t work.

There’s another plot twist too. While the best way to package one’s privates was a personal matter through history, the late 1980s and early 1990s put underwear front and centre (thanks in no small part to Calvin Klein and Marky Mark) with who you were wearing becoming just as important as what shape of undercrackers that you professed loyalty to.

That brings us to today, a time where the squabble between brief and boxer lovers still rages on and a time where everyone can agree that the letters on your elasticated waistband matter, a lot.

Marky Mark Calvin Klein Underwear AdMarky Mark Calvin Klein Ad

How To Pick An Underwear Style

Of all the seminal moments in a man’s life – graduations, weddings, the first curled fist of your child around your little finger – none means more than the first time he chooses his own underwear.

But what worked for prepubescent you isn’t your best choice now. Your body’s changed. Your needs have changed. Somewhere there’s a fit that’s more snug. More supportive. More flattering. Let Olivia Francis, founder of underwear experts Hamilton & Hare, be your guide to buying pants that are anything but.


“This is the traditional Y front. It’s not for everyone but it offers great support and a neat fit. Particularly good for men with large thighs.”

Men's Briefs/Y-Fronts

Boxer Shorts

“Traditional boxer shorts offer maximum coverage, comfort and breathability but can often bunch and ride up so do not work well with slim trousers. [Look for] a modern, tailored cut that is much more flattering and works well with slimmer legwear. This means they will complement any body shape, being both flattering and extremely comfortable.”

Men's Boxer Shorts


“These are a newer style and offer the simplest silhouette, ideal for wearing under slim-fit trousers. They sit perfectly on the hip, a little lower than other styles, and are short in the leg, cutting across mid-thigh, which make them best for men with skinnier legs.”

Take care with ‘hipster’ styles, warn the experts at M&S; they sit low, so work best with tucked in shirts. Or you risk an intimate breeze every time you bend down.

Men's Trunks

Boxer Briefs

“These are a hybrid between the traditional boxer short and the trunk – they sit on the waist and are slightly longer in the leg. Universally flattering and versatile, they’re the go-to option for most. Particularly good for those with fuller buttocks.”

Men's Boxer Briefs


“If you’ve ever tried to run in baggy boxers, we sympathise. Athletic underwear comes with special requirements – it has to keep you in place and be breathable enough to cope with sweaty gym sessions.”

Men's Athletic Underwear

The Right Underwear Fabric

Three things matter in your most intimate wear: comfort, support and breathability. Underwear brands have long defaulted to cotton and jersey, which provide all three. But textile innovation offers the modern man new ways to keep himself cool and dry.


An old classic. “This is a brilliant fibre for underwear,” says Francis. “It’s naturally breathable, soft and hypoallergenic.”


It’s soft and lightweight with a natural stretch, making it the perfect choice for guys on the move. The Sunspel team advise to “opt for a stretch style, with higher elastic content for added support if you spend your weekends exercising as opposed to relaxing.”

Lyocell Jersey

Hamilton & Hare developed this exclusive spin on traditional jersey. “We use a natural paint nanofibre and blend it with cotton for a luxurious feel – the microscopic nanofibres offer unparalleled smoothness as well as moisture absorption.”


It’s a classic choice, but silk is quickly disappearing from the underwear market. And for good reason. “Although it offers incredible lightness and breathability, it’s a delicate fabric that doesn’t benefit from wash and wear and damages easily,” says Francis. Leave to Peter Stringfellow.


The go-to material for sports-oriented underwear, mesh is light and breathable. Some brands go even further and use heat-sensitive mesh fabric that helps disperse body heat and leaves your pants feeling cool to the touch – even after a bout of cardio.

The Other ‘Underwear’ You Need To Know

These days, underwear is about more than just pants. Here’s everything else you should slip between skin and clothes.


This isn’t necessary all the time, but an undershirt prevents sweat stains and means your dress shirts need washing less so last longer.

Go for a V-neck – few things kill your look like a crew neck behind an open collar – in breathable cotton. Look for tight fits in light to mid grey – it’s less visible under a white shirt than white. Vests also create visible lines on your shoulders, so stick to T-shirts.

uniqlo MEN DRY-EX V NECK SHORT SLEEVE T-SHIRT - click to buy CALVIN KLEIN UNDERWEAR Mélange Stretch-Cotton Jersey T-Shirt - click to buy hanro Liam Short Sleeved V Neck T Shirt - click to buy


White socks are streetwear’s current obsession, but if you’re not in a hoodie, stick to classic black or navy. Your socks should be long enough to show no skin when you cross your legs, unless you’re after mankles. In which case, invisible socks let you flash yours without stinking out your shoes.

M&S COLLECTION 3 Pack Freshfeet Gentle Grip Socks - click to buy FALKE Cool Kick Knitted No-Show Socks - click to buy uniqlo MEN LOW CUT SOCKS - click to buy

Underwear Rules

Clear Your Drawers Out Regularly

No matter how well you treat your underwear, eventually those tighty whities will turn to grubby grundies. Make sure that you have a regular check-in with your collection of underwear (about every three months or so) and dispose of anything that you’d be embarrassed to be seen in by a significant other.

Pick Your Fabrics Wisely

In most cases, cotton underwear is a great option because it’s natural, breathable and will absorb a degree of unwanted moisture down below – it’s basically your best bet for every day. But if you’re exerting yourself, things get a little more, ahem, steamy, so you’ll need to look for fabrics that bolster cotton’s natural assets by wicking away moisture. A cotton-spandex blend is ideal for gymwear and won’t need to be wringed out after you’ve achieved a PB on leg day.

Size Yourself Up Properly

For reasons which we won’t go into, trying on underwear in shops isn’t good form. Having an awareness of your core size and sticking to a certain brand when you’ve found the perfect fit is crucial for comfort, however.

Underwear which comes up too large will have you shifting around in your seat all day, while anything that’s smaller than it should be will cut off your circulation rather than boost your package. Size matters.

Description of imageDavid Gandy for M&S Autograph

Wash White Underwear In Non-Chlorine Bleach

If you think you’ve mastered the art of being a grown up because you’ve figured out that bleaching white underwear will stop it looking from so goddamn tired, you’re actually only an adulthood amateur.

Bleach will restore some of the former glory of your white underwear, but you’ll need to make sure it’s a non-chlorine variety to reap that dazzling brightness without wreaking havoc on your underwear’s elasticity.

Buy Little And Often

Relying on the charity of others (usually at Christmas) is a surefire way to put unnecessary strain on the smalls which live in your underwear drawer. To make sure that all your underwear gets a regular break, make sure that you’re getting into the habit of topping it up on the regular.

This way your pants won’t suffer from premature ageing and if you’re naff at remembering to stick on a regular wash, you’re less likely to encounter an empty drawer and face a day going commando.

How To Keep Your Underwear Looking Good

You’re not Bridget Jones, so you’ve no excuse for grey, saggy pants. Even if no one’s going to see them. “Keeping your underwear in pristine condition means taking extra care,” advises the Sunspel team, “so be as gentle as possible when washing, folding or ironing – if you’re way that way inclined.”

Wash: “Obviously never mix whites with greys, off-whites or colours as they will lose their sheen. Temperature is key too – a hotter wash does more damage to the fabric, so stick to 30 degrees and, if possible, use a gentle wash cycle. Silk, because of its delicacy, should always be hand-washed.”

One option: Only buy black or navy pants. That way, you can chuck them in with your darks.

Dry: “Drying your underwear flat means they keep their shape better. Due to their delicate nature, it’s best to avoid a dryer.”

Storage: “If you’re keen to go the extra mile you can fold your underwear in tissue paper to preserve the fabric and keep it neat and unwrinkled. Another tip is to store garments with lavender or cedar wood – the scent will deter moths.”

Best Men’s Underwear Brands

Calvin Klein

You don’t need us to tell you that Calvin Klein is the daddy of all underwear brands, but we’re going to tell you anyway. Ever since that not-so-subtle branded waistband graced the hips of Marky Mark, the sight of a pair of snug Calvins has become sartorial shorthand for ‘man who’s serious about his undercrackers’.

Calvin Klein 2 pack Slim Fit Boxer Intimate - click to buy CALVIN KLEIN 3 Pack Hip Briefs - click to buy CALVIN KLEIN Three-Pack Stretch-Cotton Boxer Briefs - click to buy

Ron Dorff

Ron Dorff’s statement of intent is ‘Swedish functionality with French style’. Mercifully, that’s delivered through its unflashy, well-made underwear range. Fabric covered waistbands, discreet design and crowd-pleasing colours make this brand the Apple of the underwear world: plenty of brains and no shortage of beauty.

Ron Dorff Y-FRONT BRIEFS - click to buy Ron Dorff Y-FRONT BRIEFS - click to buy Ron Dorff BOXER BRIEFS - click to buy Ron Dorff BOXER BRIEFS - click to buy

Marks And Spencer

Marks and Spencer used to be the place your grandad would head for underwear that did the job and not much else. Today, though, Marks and Spencer’s underwear designs combine a wallet-friendly price tag with a surprisingly comprehensive range of colours and patterns. Move over gramps.

DAVID GANDY FOR AUTOGRAPH 2 Pack 4-Way Stretch Supima Cotton Hipsters - click to buy DAVID GANDY FOR AUTOGRAPH 2 Pack Stretch Cotton Briefs - click to buy DAVID GANDY FOR AUTOGRAPH 2 Pack Stretch Supima Cotton Trunks - click to buy M&S COLLECTION 3 Pack Cotton Rich Printed Trunks - click to buy

Derek Rose

Fancy slipping into something a bit, um, silkier? Derek Rose should be your first port of call. Wearing its incredibly indulgent credentials like a badge of honor, the brand’s underwear range is all paisley, stripes, cotton and (compulsively strokable) silk. Consider it the Rolls Royce of the pants world.

DEREK ROSE Gingham Cotton Boxer Shorts - click to buy DEREK ROSE Jack Stretch-Pima Cotton Boxer Briefs - click to buy DEREK ROSE Brindisi Printed Silk-Satin Boxer Shorts - click to buy DEREK ROSE Jack Stretch-Pima Cotton Briefs - click to buy

Under Armour

Forget designer name-dropping waistbands and overpowering prints, Under Armour underwear is the sensible man’s privates coverer of choice. Perfect for keeping you cool down below thanks to anti-odour and sweat-wicking technology, when wearing a pair you can kiss goodbye to saddle sweat.

Under Armour 2 Pack Original 6-Inch Boxerjock - click to buy Under Armour 2 Pack Original 6-Inch Boxerjock - click to buy Under Armour HeatGear Mid Compression Shorts - click to buy Under Armour HeatGear Mid Compression Shorts - click to buy


British brand Sunspel has built a – well deserved – reputation for producing the comfiest T-shirts of all time, so readers, try imagining that feeling of soft cotton on your nether regions. Luckily, you don’t have to long for softness, lightness and comfort any longer, because Sunspel’s underwear offering has got all that and more ticked off.



Buying underwear ain’t cheap. That’s why we’re unapologetic fanboys of Uniqlo’s wallet- and wang-friendly designs, which prove that you don’t have to be wadded to get your briefs in check.

Uniqlo SUPIMA COTTON TRUNKS - click to buy Uniqlo AIRISM TRUNKS - click to buy Uniqlo WOVEN STRIPED TRUNKS - click to buy Uniqlo SUPIMA COTTON BRIEFS - click to buy

Björn Borg

Widely considered to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time (and owner of one of the most Swedish-sounding names of all time) Björn Borg thankfully funnelled all of his on court underwear-related woes into his own range of performance pants. Expect scientific-sounding design features and a drier wear during sports.

BJORN BORG 3 Pack Shadeline Sammy Trunk - click to buy BJORN BORG 3 Pack Solid Trunks - click to buy BJÖRN BORG SOLID COTTON STRETCH SHORTS 2-PACK - click to buy BJÖRN BORG ICE BORG LONG SHORTS - click to buy

Hamilton And Hare

Hamilton and Hare may sound like an esteemed member of club Savile Row, but in fact this brand is dedicated to the craft of doing underwear the justice it deserves. With obsessive focus on fabric, fit and design, the label’s offering will ensure that your first layer is so much more than a mere panic purchase.

Hamilton And Hare BLUE CHIP BOXER SHORTS - click to buy Hamilton And Hare JERSEY BOXER SHORT BURGUNDY STRIPE - click to buy HAMILTON AND HARE Button-front boxer trunks - click to buy HAMILTON AND HARE Five-Pack Stretch-Jersey Boxer Briefs - click to buy


If you’ve spent your life receiving emergency underwear packages from your mum every Christmas, it’s time to treat yo’ self. Hanro’s line-up of boxers and briefs are all quiet luxury, discreet prints and unbelievable comfort – in a nutshell, they’re scientifically perfect pants.

HANRO Cotton-jersey briefs - click to buy Hanro Cotton Sensation Trunk - click to buy hanro Boxer Brief - click to buy hanro Cotton Essentials Pants - click to buy

How To Look Good In Just Your Pants

Male model Harry Rowley, from agency Models 1, has stripped off for Ralph Lauren, Emporio Armani and Fucking Young! magazine. Here, he reveals the secrets to looking good in next to nothing.

Harry Rowley

I used to find underwear shoots nerve-racking. You don’t really know the photographer and you’ve got to familiarise yourself with the situation, but once you relax and settle into it, it becomes just as easy as general modelling. Once you’re forced into these uncomfortable situations time and time again you get used to meeting strangers and stripping off in front of them; it becomes normal in a way.

It’s always good to pump yourself up before a shoot – it just gives you that extra confidence in yourself. You don’t want to overdo it, but a set of push-ups and a few crunches are always going to help.

Ultimately, the key to looking good in your pants is posture. If you’re not standing up straight with your shoulders back, your abs aren’t going to be looking good. Underwear modelling is all about physique, so slouching won’t do your figure any favours.

Personally, I find boxer briefs most flattering – they’re a better fit for me, and they’re not quite as tight as Y-fronts. I tend to wear a lot of Armani underwear – it looks good and it’s comfortable.”

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Johannes Huebl’s 15 Best Outfits (And How To Get The Look)

Johannes Huebl’s 15 Best Outfits (And How To Get The Look)

We run down the German model’s most stylish moments

Image: Dvora/REX/Shutterstock

By FashionBeans Editors

Modelling. Holidaying in St. Barts with his part-time model, full-time socialite wife. Designing loafers that are, admittedly, pretty good for a model-turned-designer. Holidaying some more. Prompting street style photographer punch-ups outside fashion show venues… it’s a tough job Johannes Huebl’s got, but someone’s got to do it. And you have to hand it to the Hannover-born model, he’s definitely got the chops for it.

Off camera, he proves time and time again that he knows how to dress, so we thought it high time credit was given to one of Deutschland’s most dapper exports.

The Look

Huebl sticks to centuries-old style rules, proving that heritage clothing shouldn’t only be found in your grandad’s wardrobe. So, out come the gilets, the Prince of Wales check trousers and natty yet fitted (always fitted) blazers teamed with a tightened waistcoat.

A master at layering punctuated with a penchant eye-catching outerwear, Huebl flits between shawl-neck cardigans, denim jackets and statement overcoats. The palette is easy-wearing neutrals – with a focus on creamy cappuccino tones – and the most out-there thing you’ll catch him in is a pair of white jeans. Don’t knock it. That’s all you need when switching between dapper Dan of the international fashion scene to relaxed, sun-seeking gentleman of leisure.

Inspiration: Alain Delon, Steve McQueen, Jean-Paul Belmondo
Go-To Brands: Brunello Cucinelli, Massimo Dutti, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein
Follow Him: @johanneshuebl

PFW Power Dressing

Attending fashion weeks is one of the chief ways Huebl whiles away the hours. The rest he spends revelling in how jealous you are of him. And how could you not be? Here, Huebl shows Parisians how to do their own chic, offering up a masterclass in texture.

Mixing a knitted tie with what’s probably a cashmere overcoat, Huebl puts that German precision into practice by ensuring his Prince of Wales check trousers chime with the pattern covering his other half’s ensemble. What can we say? Straight up #powercouplegoals.

Johannes Huebl Paris Fashion Week OutfitLICHTFELD EREZ/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock

Get The Look

Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

sandro SHIRT WITH CONTRASTING COLLAR AND CUFFS - click to buy DRAKE'S 8cm Cashmere Tie - click to buy Ted Baker Pidgin Wool Check Tailored Suit Trousers - click to buy


Summer in New York City is a grim affair. Soaring temperatures combine with stifling humidity to foster a climate that’s best suited to sweat-absorbing activewear. Or nakedness. But count on Huebl, pictured here at a party at Manhattan’s High Line, to know how to beat the heat without sacrificing so much as an ounce of style. Or a bead of sweat.

All-white has been trending hard for the past couple of summers and an easy and versatile take like this is exactly the kind of timeless spin you should be aiming for.

Johannes Huebl All-White OutfitBuzz Foto/REX/Shutterstock

Get The Look

Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

Reiss NATE SLIM FIT PIQUE SHIRT - click to buy ALTEA Slim-Fit Tapered Stretch-Cotton Twill Trousers - click to buy Rotary Men's Havana Date Bracelet Strap Watch - click to buy Ask the Missus Herbert Loafers - click to buy

New Business

We’re not sure, being a full-time model, if there’s ever call for Huebl to talk bottom line projections in a boardroom. But the man can certainly dress for the job.

A well-cut navy two-piece and a striped shirt is a 9-to-5 no-brainer. It’s so obvious in fact that it risks slipping into boring business casual territory, fast. Not so for Huebl, who masterfully customises his with some contemporary accessories like an olive knitted tie and burnt orange sunglasses.

That, gentlemen, is what we call business savvy.

Johannes Huebl Two-Piece Suit In NavySilvia Olsen/REX/Shutterstock

Get The Look

Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

HUGO BOSS Navy Novan Virgin Wool Three-Piece Suit - click to buy NICK BRONSON Knitted Silk Tie - click to buy OLIVER SPENCER William Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses - click to buy

Killing The Cardigan

Once the preserve of your pipe-smoking granddad, the cardigan gets the Huebl seal of approval because obviously his doesn’t look shapeless and moth-eaten. He wears it in place of a blazer, with its ribbed construction and high collar making it look every inch as tailored.

The oatmeal tone works in Huebl’s signature neutral palette, too. Nice one, gramps.

Johannes Hubel Cardigan layered under suit jacketBen Rosser/BFAnyc.com/REX/Shutterstock

Get The Look

Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

paul smith Men's Brown Textured Wool-Blend Overcoat - click to buy POLO RALPH LAUREN SHAWL CARDIGAN - click to buy reiss WESTBURY SLIM-FIT COTTON TROUSERS - click to buy Ask the Missus Ghost Brogue Shoes - click to buy

Trunking The Competition

In matters of style, it’s swimwear, not suits, that sorts the men from the boys. And here, while enjoying some well-earned downtime in St. Barts (all that Blue Steeling has a habit of draining the batteries), Huebl proves he knows what’s up.

If you haven’t yet binned those palm tree-covered boardshorts, then let this shot be the reason you pick up a quality tailored swim shorts instead (Huebl’s are Orlebar Brown, FYI). Combine with tortoiseshell sunglasses for the ultimate beach look.

Johannes Huebl In Tailored Swimming ShortsLECTER/SIPA/REX/Shutterstock

Get The Look

Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

Sunspel MEN'S TECHNICAL NYLON TAILORED SWIM SHORT - click to buy Herschel Supply Co Bamfield Mid Volume Bag - click to buy GARRETT LEIGHT HAMPTON SUNGLASSES - click to buy

Checks Squared

Struggling to make your tailoring stand out? Huebl has the answer. First, level up to a three-piece; a waistcoat, quite literally, gives you something extra while optimising your silhouette.

Secondly, make the switch from plain to pattered; a subtle yet unmistakable check, like Huebl’s here, will have street style photographers taking the offensive to make sure he’s the first to get a shot of your sartorial prowess.

Johannes Huebl Three-Piece Checked SuitYu Yang For FashionBeans

Get The Look

Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

CT Slim fit non-iron twill sky blue shirt - click to buy M&S COLLECTION Pure Silk Spotted Textured Tie - click to buy DARK BROWN DOUBLE MONK STRAP - click to buy

Only Fools And Clothes Horses

Ah the camel overcoat. Once the preserve of Del Boy Trotter, now it’s as Beckham as it is Peckham. If you want to look as sharp as Huebl, the trick is not to skimp on the cost.

Buy one from a heritage brand who will do the tapering and fitting for you and you’ll have a decade-lasting piece on your hands. Go cheap and it will end up looking like the inside of your hoover before the winter is out.

If wearing over a suit, make sure its a dark one – no one could possibly stomach it matched with your light grey herringbone.

Johannes Huebl Wearing A Camel OvercoatYu Yang For FashionBeans

Get The Look

Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

Jacamo BLACK LABEL HERRINGBONE CHECK WAISTCOAT - click to buy Kin by John Lewis End on End Slim Fit Suit Trousers - click to buy MAGNANNI VILLAR TC DOUBLE BUCKLE MONK - click to buy

Truck The Tailored Look

For generations, the denim jacket was a hard-wearing piece of workwear, not something with a great deal of sprezzatura about it. In Huebl’s hands, though, it becomes a dapper mid-layer, contrasting the fabric and colour of his autumnal coat. This is advanced fashion arithmetic, but there’s no point checking his numbers. He’s right again.

Johannes Huebl Wearing A Denim Jacket And OvercoatYu Yang For FashionBeans

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Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

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Neutral Territory

Huebl breezes into summer with his all-white, so-bright collection of chinos. Loosely rolled-up and without socks, they look more Mediterranean sojourn on the superyacht and less public school hazing ritual. Following the colour blocking handbook to the letter, Huebl wears other neutrals with his trousers – navy blue is a fail-safe choice.

Also notice how his watch strap tonally matches his loafers. We’re betting that’s not an accident.

Johannes Huebl Wearing A V-Neck T-ShirtYu Yang For FashionBeans

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Tux Luxe

Unlike a martini, black tie isn’t look that should be shaken up. If done so, handle with care and keep it looking classic. Of course, Huebl knows a way or two.

A pocket square is one way of doing it, adding a bit of roguish swagger to your look, as is plumping for a dark blue dinner jacket with black lapels (although make sure it is midnight blue or else you might show up looking like it’s prom night in 1985).

Outside of that, make sure your dress shirt is always crisp and clean and the bow tie well knotted to exude that smart but deadly secret agent swagger.

Johannes Huebl Wearing A TuxedoSteve Vas/Featureflash/SilverHub/REX/Shutterstock

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In Knit To Win It

Further proof that the cardigan is more than a bastion of any pipe-smoking grandad’s wardrobe. Here, Huebl makes it the centrepiece of his outfit in the same way a leather biker jacket would be. That takes some gall.

The key, of course, is that it’s a very nice cardigan. The collar and lapels of his grainy grey knitwear keep him looking smart even when absconding from the relative safety of all-navy tailoring. And he leaves the bottom button undone, just as you would with a blazer, to pinch in at the waist for a more flattering silhouette.

Johannes Huebl in a cardigan, chinos and sneakersStephen Lovekin/REX/Shutterstock

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Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

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Fifty Shades Of A-Ok

This outfit could be considered peak Huebl: Prince of Wales overcoat, relaxed blazer, sleek roll neck and pleated trousers – all hallmarks of the German’s buttoned-up, Instagram-worthy street style.

And yet Huebl is taking a great risk straying from the time-honoured grey suit and black shoes formula. However, oxblood with light grey proves an exquisite choice, especially when in the form of his beloved monk straps.

Johannes Hubel in an all-grey outfitLodovico Colli di Felizzano/WWD/REX/Shutterstock

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Polo Position

There’s a lot going on in this outfit, but Huebl’s German precision pulls it off, firstly by intelligently matching the dark purple and brown check on his statement overcoat with the colours and patterns on his sturdy Oxfords.

Not wanting to take away from the majesty of this coat and shoe combo, Huebl’s look underneath is more muted. Grey is the colour of his day, but that chunky cable knit roll neck is anything but drab, while the pleats on his trousers formalise what is quite a casual look for a man who likely wakes up in a waistcoat.

Johannes Huebl Wearng A Check Coat And TurtleneckRiccardo Giordano Sicki/IPA/REX/Shutterstock

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Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

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Military Honours

While field jackets might be waltzing down the latest fashion weeks in their thousands this year, they can end up looking a tad too Jumanji for those of us whose idea of a safari is a trip to London Zoo. As Huebl demonstrates, blue is a safe colour choice for city slickers who require extra pocket space.

And if you still think the military vet has become too country bumpkin, accessorise with a pair of adventurous beige suede Chelsea boots: less of the clay pigeon shooting look and more man-about-town chic.

Johannes Hubel wearing a field jacket and jeansYu Yang For FashionBeans

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White Legs That Look Good

White chinos again, but in an outfit that’s more deliberately styled. What can we say, they look good with a tan, and Huebl is never without one.

This time there’s no navy blue, with Huebl preferring to blend the white with a light blue shirt, beige suede shoes and blouson jacket. It’s a measured look, and one he carries off effortlessly, stripping the bold legwear choice from its Eurotrash connotations.

Johannes Hubel in white jeans with a suede bomber jacketYu Yang For FashionBeans

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Johannes Hubel Outfit Inspiration

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The 9 Most Common Style Mistakes To Avoid This Spring/Summer

The 9 Most Common Style Mistakes To Avoid This Spring/Summer

Stop these immediately

By FashionBeans Editors

This feels like a betrayal, but most men don’t dress well in summer. It’s not true of everyone. Some — we’re looking at you, Italy — grasp that warm weather is a spectrum and needs to be dressed for as such. But for the majority of mankind, it seems it’s nigh on impossible to differentiate between a balmy afternoon and pavement-melting heatwave, or understand when a racerback vest is acceptable (hint: never).

Granted, we don’t all get enough practice to master warm-weather style but that’s no excuse to dive into the first sunny weekend half-cocked, half-clad, and burn entirely. Rather than learn summer’s lessons through trial and sartorial error, read on to discover the biggest missteps before the heat hits and keep your cool all season.

Wearing Too Few Clothes

At the first long-awaited ray of sunlight, vitamin D deficients shed their garments quicker than their inhibitions, like primitive tribespeople who worship the big yellow disc in the sky as a largely absent heavenly father.

Unless you’re fortunate enough to reside in a tropical clime, stripping down to a vest and shorts is wildly impractical – not least when the cruel sun god suddenly goes in or down and winter comes back faster than bullet-hard nipples.

How To Do It Right

The less binary solution is to change your fabrics, not your clothes. Swap heavy wools and selvedge denim for lighter versions, sub in breathable cotton and linen mixes and rip out insulating linings (not literally – just buy unlined jackets).

That way, you can cover your modesty without melting like the Wicked Witch’s left-out tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

The Best Fabrics For Spring

windsor matalan next

Being Too Conservative

The only thing more lamentable than busting out a vest in spring is concealing one under a shirt, jumper and winter coat.

While some degree of caution is understandable (and even advisable given the capriciousness of the weather during some months), wearing anything knee-length that’s much thicker than a mac in May is John Wick-level overkill; when the sun comes out and the guns are unholstered, you’ll be perspiring like a rusty hitman.

How To Do It Right

Layers trap heat between them, so even relatively thin pieces can provide several degrees of warmth when they’re combined. Crucially, you can then adjust your rig’s thermostat to match the atmospheric conditions, adding or shedding down to a T-shirt as required.

Unlike a Sherlockian coat, a denim jacket, military shirt and long-sleeved henley can all be stuffed into a bag – or worn together.

How To Wear Layers In Spring

aquascutum john lewis burton

Inappropriate Footwear

Like a style tightrope, the warmer months positively invite men to put a foot disastrously wrong in one of two directions. Either by letting their mangy dogs out in flip-flops – which are rarely appropriate outside of the beach, if at all – or keeping them suffocatingly muzzled in leather shoes or boots.

What you need is the footwear equivalent of locking them up in the car but cracking the window open just enough so they don’t asphyxiate – and no, it’s not those weird woven slip-ons.

How To Do It Right

In the summer, leather shoes can precipitate up to half a pint of sweat on your feet. The air-conditioned alternative is the made from the same stuff as your festival tent: canvas. Suede is also more porous and therefore breathable than the polished variety, and won’t blind onlookers in bright sun.

The caveat with both is that spring showers will do serious damage, so protect them with a hydrophobic spray and always check the forecast.

Suede Shoes For Spring

river island debenhams selected homme

Socks (Or Lack Of)

Releasing the mankle (literally) adds an air of summer breeziness to an outfit. But spring the sockless look too early and the elements won’t be the only thing mocking your naked ankle (which, because of the concentration of blood vessels near the surface of the skin, has a surprisingly large effect on your body temperature).

Too late, meanwhile, and you’re sweltering in black business socks when everyone else has clocked off early to water the pub garden.

How To Do It Right

Don’t impose a full-on hose ban. Before you sock up in the visible or concealed variety – the latter will prevent your leaking feet from kicking out a stink in your kicks, not to mention blistering – check the weather first and determine whether it is likely to be hot, sunny and dry that day.

There are a number of nifty smartphone apps that you can employ for such purposes, but for a more low-tech ‘hack’, use your eyes and a nearby window – or, you know, go outside.

Going Sockless In Summer

digel reiss F&F

Unseasonable Brights And Darks

While your bravery in embracing the current trend for pastel shades is to be applauded, your timing is not. Even if you can pull them off successfully, overcast weather will leave you traipsing around more tragically than a recently-fired children’s TV presenter.

At the other end of the colour spectrum, stubbornly clinging to insulating black like a hibernating goth will make everyone else feel hot just looking at you. Lighten up.

How To Do It Right

Navy is the new black: reassuringly sober but not so severe that you look like an insomniac vampire (plus it’s kinder on pallid complexions). It’s also far more summery – it’s one of the constituent elements of a Breton top, after all.

If you’re feeling adventurous, the sailor-approved shade will help anchor a pale jacket, top or trousers. If not, head-to-toe navy will leave the boat safely unrocked. Consider offsetting it with a flash of white and, if the weather permits, a mankle.

How To Wear Navy In Spring

blue inc M&S windsor

Overdoing The #Festival Look

Just because you’re heading to a festival, there’s no need to equip yourself with an entirely new wardrobe comprising of pieces you’ll never wear again.

These days, the temptation to subscribe to the contrived ‘festival’ aesthetic is all too strong. If you don’t package yourself in a pair of ludicrously expensive wellies, a straw hat, some wooden beads like every other Boho bore, you face being ostracised from the festival community. But don’t give in.

How To Do It Right

Not only does going all-out at a festival come across as try-hard, there are other, and in our opinion, better ways to dress that don’t mean having to sacrifice your signature style.

Stick to practical, versatile wardrobe staples that can be mixed and matched to deal with any scenario that may arise. We’re thinking of seasonal classics like Breton tees, all-rounders like denim shirts and emergency must-haves like waterproof jackets. You can dress them up according to your venue (or cognitive state), then all you need to do once home is concentrate on getting the mud out of them.

What To Wear To A Festival

M&S blue inc primark the idle man

You Reach For The Wrong Trousers

How soon you slip into shorts is a personal choice (our rule: once temperatures outside reach 20°C, or 70°F, depending on your locale). But even if your pins emerge a little sooner, at some point in summer, be it for work or a wedding, you’ll have to wear trousers.

Linen’s reputation as a warm-weather staple comes courtesy of its tiny holes, which allow air to circulate. But steer too loose and light and you risk replicating every aunt’s summer holiday style.

How To Do It Right

It seems counterintuitive but heavier, slimmer-fitting strides tackle both sun and style. Light shades reflect heat, but that means you need a fabric with enough weight to conceal what lies beneath.

Linen trousers can work providing they are cut from a slightly heavier cloth, but unlined cotton chinos offer airflow without the VPL. And they make the preppy look a breeze.

How To Wear Lightweight Trousers

digel ted baker new look

Bagging Rights

Shedding your outer layer may be one of the prime payoffs of rising temperatures. But without a coat, you lose the convenience of extra pockets. Hence summer’s proliferation of men juggling phones, sunglass cases, keys and pint glasses across Britain’s beer gardens.

Your shorts’ pockets aren’t a stand-in unless you’re wearing cargos. And if you are, then stowing your stuff is a frankly secondary concern.

How To Do It Right

A summer bag should have enough room for pocket overspill and some post-sundown layers. But it needs to look good, too.

A luxury leather option is too valuable to be tossed at the bottom of a bag pile, but don’t default to canvas; a few weeks of grass stains and knocked-over cans and people will assume you’re sleeping rough. Instead, look for a durable sports option that washes well, in a material like nylon that shrugs off spillages.

The Best Men's Bags For Summer

stighlorgan want de les essentiels mismo Massimo Dutti

Skimping On Shades

Annoyingly, sunglasses — like umbrellas in winter — have a habit of going walkabouts. But that — again, like umbrellas — doesn’t make cheap variations the economic choice.

It’s not always the case, but budget frames can mean budget protection. Your pupils dilate behind tinted pieces of plastic and, without UV filters, more eye-damaging rays flood in.

How To Do It Right

Look for lenses with full-spectrum protection. If sunglasses carry a CE mark (a European standard of quality) it means they meet industry requirements of allowing in no more than 5 per cent of UV rays.

Style-wise, steer classic. Black, tortoiseshell or metal frames go with every look, so you don’t need to invest in a deep shade rotation. Just don’t let anyone borrow them.

The Best Sunglasses Styles For Men

next burton j.crew United Artists/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

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10 Cool Jackets You Can Wear Year-Round

10 Cool Jackets You Can Wear Year-Round

Styles so timeless you’ll never have to justify the outlay

Image: Brunello Cucinelli

By Luke Sampson

Shopping for clothes in-between seasons is tricky to master, because when all four seasons can legitimately happen in one day, you’re near guaranteed to get some undesirable mash-up of weather. Don’t make the schoolboy error of dividing your wardrobe neatly by season because the forecast is pretty much guaranteed to go way off piste. The good news: every season is jacket season.

Jackets are the middleweight prizefighters of your wardrobe. Not only will you get more wear from them than thicker or thinner layers, but they also encourage you to better mix and match items you’d previously pigeonholed as ‘seasonal’. We’ve tracked down 10 versatile jacket styles that you barely have to justify the purchase for. You’ll wear them all year.

The Varsity Jacket

Loved by preps, jocks and – more recently – menswear dons, the varsity jacket is a versatile, youthful style which segues between smart-casual and elevated sportswear.

You don’t have to be an inducted Ivy Leaguer with a bulging trust fund to put your spin on this preppy classic, though. There are plenty of options that’ll get you extra style credits, without the need to set foot on campus, all of which will add a healthy dose of collegiate cool to your weekend wardrobe.

How To Wear A Varsity Jacket

ralph lauren louis vuitton urban outfitters

Key Style

The varsity jacket works best when the core shape goes grown up, says menswear stylist Paul Higgins, whose CV name-checks the likes of Hardy Amies, Diesel and Kilgour. “A simple, clean version of the varsity jacket without too much fuss going on will let you keep wearing this vintage-inspired style for years to come,” he says.

How to look more high end than high school? “Look for premium fabrics such as suede, pebbled leather and boiled wool which give the style a sophisticated reboot.” Or, if you’re working with a student’s budget, look for darker colours such as black, navy and grey which invariably look pricier than colourful counterparts in a similar price bracket.

The Best Varsity Jackets For Men

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Bomber Jacket

Along with varsity jackets, bombers have been one of the most sought-after outerwear designs for the last couple of years, precisely because they’re so in tune with menswear’s current preoccupation with all things laid-back.

Whether you recruit the design to round off a streetwear look or use one to dress down an Oxford shirt, tailored trousers and loafers, with a bomber at your command you can target almost any dress code.

How To Wear A Bomber Jacket

next barbour selected homme

Key Style

Bomber jackets are everywhere, so to stand out, look to interest fabrics says Reiss head of menswear design Alex Field. “It’s hard to remember a season when the bomber jacket hasn’t been a key player in menswear. Unsurprisingly, a design in black or navy will serve you best, but try a technical fabric or soft suede to keep this classic looking modern.”

By steering clear of more obvious fabrics such as leather and nylon you’ll be able to freshen up your look while retaining the bomber jacket’s versatility with fail-safe colours you can comfortably wear year-round.

The Best Bomber Jackets For Men

J.CREW Stadium Wool-Blend Bomber Jacket - click to buy LEVI'S VINTAGE CLOTHING Cotton-Twill Bomber Jacket - click to buy SCHOTT NYC Burgundy velvet bomber jacket - click to buy

Field Jacket

There are wardrobe classics, and then there’s the field jacket, which manages to sit pretty season after season, completely avoiding fashion’s fickle plot twists.

Whether you head for high-end heritage or enlist a vintage design that may have actually graced the back of a serving military member, this mid-weight style is more than happy to play nice with spring and summer staples alike.

How To Wear A Field Jacket

reiss aquascutum mango man

Key Style

The fact that most modern versions barely deviate from the original army apparel is testament to how well-designed the field jacket was when it was first created. A few judicious tweaks will take this veteran from battlefield to menswear territory, though.

“Look for contrasting hardware and a loose fit to stay true to the original design, but for a modern take look for oversized pockets and try washed-out shades such as stone and pale green rather than just sticking to khaki,” says Field. No need to raid the surplus store.

The Best Field Jackets For Men

mango Pockets cotton field jacket - click to buy BARBOUR INTERNATIONAL STEVE MCQUEEN DUAL CASUAL JACKET - click to buy scotch & soda Garment Dyed Field Jacket - click to buy BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Cotton Field Jacket - click to buy

Down Gilet

The down gilet may have once been the preserve of style-phobic country dwellers, but thanks to a timely reappraisal by practicality-loving designers, the mid-layer has become an essential for city types too.

The beauty of down-filled styles is their weight – or lack of it – and ease of wear. It’s a fact that’s no longer lost on luxury brands such as Brunello Cucinelli, which now styles padded gilets over and under suit jackets, cementing this sleeveless wonder’s place as a trans-seasonal essential.

How To Wear A Down Gilet

brunello cucinelli club monaco carolina herrera brunello cucinelli

Key Style

“The gilet will add a welcome injection of sportiness and function back into your wardrobe,” says Chris Gove, creative director of British brand Percival.

But make sure you’re closer to Johannes Huebl than Jeremy Clarkson by looking for small design details. “A polyester outer shell is fine, but watch out for anything super-shiny and try a contrast fabric yoke to move into design-led territory,” he says.

Modern designer gilets and bodywarmers for men

Parajumpers Sully Quilted Down Gilet - click to buy THE NORTH FACE 1992 NUPTSE VEST - click to buy uniqlo MEN ULTRA LIGHT DOWN COMPACT VEST - click to buy

The Coach Jacket

The coach jacket may not have the household-name status of the varsity jacket, but just like its more famous stablemate, it was born in the USA, worn by sports coaches as they paced the touchline. Unsurprisingly, practicality is at the design’s heart: being lightweight and waterproof were non-negotiable for this all-season MVP.

Many styles on offer now retain those handy tech specs and but use canny design to elevate the coach jacket from sideline to star player – whether its teammates are streetwear essentials or Scandinavian basics.

How To Wear A Coach Jacket

burton reiss the idle man urban outfitters

Key Style

A point collar, snap-button front and hip pockets are giveaways that you’re looking at a coach jacket, but the style has become even more versatile in the last couple of seasons thanks to a rethink of this traditionally plain design.

“Try an option that keeps the style’s practical and pared-back vibes, but look for simple patterns or logo motifs to amp up the interest,” says Higgins. All of the function, all of the fashion.

The Best Coach Jackets For Men

H&M Printed coach jacket - click to buy CARHARTT SPORTS COACH JACKET - click to buy BLACKMEANS Printed Canvas Coach Jacket - click to buy KENT & CURWEN BENNETT COACH JACKET - click to buy

Technical Jacket

Technical fabrics make for excellent trans-seasonal companions thanks to their ability to multitask: they can be worn come rain or shine, over a T-shirt or on top of onion-like layers, depending on the forecast.

And now both streetwear and high-end designers have fallen hard for the style’s unpretentious aesthetic charms. By adding menswear nous to the jacket’s tech-heavy spec, the danger of looking like a hiker that’s taken a wrong turn has been vastly reduced.

How To Wear Technical Jacket

the idle man original penguin urban outfitters

Key Style

“Active-driven silhouettes such as the technical anorak have emerged as must have items this season, combining seasonal flexibility with an outdoor expedition sensibility,” says Michael Taylor, senior buyer at Urban Outfitters. The difference between off-route rambler and part-ironic, part-practical menswear don lies in the colour of technical jacket that you stick on your back.

“The best examples reflect nostalgia and normcore dressing: choose retro, boxy, 1990s colour blocking options which have visually arresting clashing colours to make a strong statement,” says Taylor. Peak throwback, but in the best possible sense.

The Best Technical Jackets For Men

ALBAM Hillwalker Colour-Block Cotton-Canvas Jacket - click to buy PENFIELD PACJAC PACKABLE JACKET - click to buy PATAGONIA TORRENTSHELL PULLOVER JACKET - click to buy

Trucker Jacket

The trucker jacket has been a casualwear staple for more than 150 years because it’s so unbelievably handy: it’ll accommodate plenty of layers when the temperature’s not pleasant, but it’ll really earn its worth on those days when you’re not sure whether it’s jacket weather or not.

Best of all, this neat slice of American workwear can easily be worn with a pair of jeans and hiking or Chelsea boots.

Just never pair it with a trucker cap.

How To Wear A Trucker Jacket

reiss gap zara

Key Style

The trucker jacket is a safe option and isn’t known for swerving from one style to another season after season. To make sure yours isn’t middle of the road, pay attention to fabric and finish, says Gove. He recommends wool, suede, corduroy or twill, although classic denim will never fall out of style, either.

Don’t be tempted by lighter colourways either. “Watch out for dodgy cheap enzyme or stone washes; dark Japanese denim is more on-trend, and choose raw if possible,” Gove says.

The Best Trucker Jackets For Men

J.Crew Trucker jacket in garment-dyed Bedford cord - click to buy Reiss JAGGER SUEDE TRUCKER JACKET - click to buy MR P. Selvedge Denim Jacket - click to buy NUDIE JEANS Billy Slim-Fit Organic Denim Jacket - click to buy

Biker Jacket

Cut short, asymmetric, and close to the body, the leather biker jacket has proven to be one of the most timeless pieces of menswear over the last century. It’s one of those trans-seasonal garments that can be thrown on with anything and instantly makes you look infinite degrees more bad-ass.

Blizzards aside, it’s the closest thing you’re likely to get to a four-season jacket too, so there’s no inappropriate time to buy one.

How To Wear A Biker Jacket

zara selected homme allsaints

Key Style

Although the biker is a perennially cool choice, cut and design details are instrumental in separating the heavenly leathers from the Hells Angels castoffs.

“The biker jacket has become a style staple, but it has evolved,” says Sarah Gillifan of personal styling consultancy Sartoria Lab. “For a contemporary update, look for epaulettes (which will also broaden your shoulders) and choose versions that feature contrast zips and a matte finish to make this classic modern.”

The coolest leather biker jackets for men

H&M Biker jacket - click to buy belstaff WEYBRIDGE Signature Hand Waxed Leather - click to buy reiss SULLY LEATHER BIKER JACKET - click to buy ALLSAINTS Taro Leather Biker Jacket - click to buy

Suede Jacket

Given its impressive staying power over the past decade or so, it’s hard to remember a time when the suede jacket was a left field choice. Whether bomber, blouson, biker or collared, every man should have at least one soft and short pile design at his disposal.

It adds low-key luxury to downtime dressing and when equipped with the invisible armour of suede protector, you need not have a meltdown if you get caught in a downpour.

How To Wear A Suede Jacket

reiss massimo dutti river island mango man

Key Style

A suede bomber jacket in black or navy is always a safe shout, but there are way more interesting ways to wear this buttery-soft outerwear.

“Seventies hues still hold sway when it comes to the suede jacket,” says Higgins. “Think rust, orange, brown or burgundy: all these colours will add interest and can slot into your wardrobe with ease, whatever the season.”

The Best Suede Jackets For Men

AMI Suede Bomber Jacket - click to buy mango Suede biker jacket - click to buy JOSEPH Kendal Suede Bomber Jacket - click to buy J.LINDEBERG Caramel suede jacket - click to buy

Harrington Jacket

The Harrington jacket is best known for being the de facto uniform of teenage subcultures after it found itself worn by a who’s who of menswear icons (think Steve McQueen, Elvis and James Dean) throughout the middle of the 20th century.

Today’s versions retain most of the original design features from the seminal G9 Baracuta, but tech developments from this side of the millennium have given the shape a new lease of life.

How To Wear A Harrington Jacket

Gieves & Hawkes next ted baker blue inc

Key Style

Textbook examples of the Harrington go pared-back on the outside and checked on the interior, but these days, you can turn tradition on its head. “[This year,] options have been updated with exterior checks and some styles even come in tech fabrics,” says Higgins.

Which should be on your check list? “Gingham and Prince of Wales checks are your best bet,” he says.

The Best Checked Harrington Jackets For Men

topman Check Harrington Jacket - click to buy BARACUTA G9 LIGHT HARRINGTON JACKET - click to buy Stone Island LIGHT SOFT SHELL-R JACKET IN NAVY BLUE - click to buy Baracuta G9 REVERSIBLE CHECK Jacket - click to buy

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11 Surprising Style Lessons To Learn From The World’s Best-Dressed Men

11 Surprising Style Lessons To Learn From The World’s Best-Dressed Men

Smarten up with these teachings from fashion’s top class

Image: Penshoppe

By Luke Sampson

Nobody likes a one-trick pony. But if that one trick happens to be a kick-ass styling move that – no matter how many times it’s rolled out – never fails to impress, we’re willing to make an exception.

When it comes to dressing well, some things just work. Always. But figuring those things out often involves a lot of trial (and a lot of error).

To save you the tedium and embarrassment, and fast-track the development of your personal style in the process, here are 11 surprising lessons from the world’s best-dressed men.

The Master: Jeff Goldblum

The Lesson: Age Means Appropriate, Not Boring

Most overused catchphrases, like most overused style rules, are more often than not complete and utter BS. Jeff Goldblum’s style, however, is proof that age is, indeed, just a number.

The man is knee-deep in his sixth decade of life and yet manages to scrub up better than most guys in their twenties or thirties could ever hope to. Sure, we’re dubious of his improbably thick head of hair, and he no doubt sports made-to-measure gnashers, but what separates Goldblum from his peers is not his combination of good fortune and finances, it’s his understanding of how to remain contemporary without verging on cringe.

Whereas most men post 40 gravitate exclusively towards sensible togs (fleece, thermal underwear and chiropodist-approved shoes), Goldblum still reaches for well-fitting black leather jackets, slim-fit jeans and glasses so stylish they make 20/20 vision seem like a mild inconvenience.

By swerving dressing like he’s given up on life, while also not chasing trends, Goldblum always looks well put-together. When we grow up, we want to be Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum's Best Outfits

The Master: Oliver Cheshire

The Lesson: Casual Can Still Be Sharp

There’s no denying it, Oliver Cheshire can wear the heck out of a suit. But given the fact he’s one of the world’s top male models and a stalwart of London’s menswear scene, that’s hardly brick-through-a-window shocking.

Much more interesting (and useful for us regular folk) is his casual wardrobe, which takes a roster of dressed-down essentials and sharpens them up so much, you’ll barely recognise them.

Be it a louche Cuban collar shirt tucked into neatly-cut trousers, logo sportswear mashed up with tailoring or light wash jeans worn in the least lazy way possible, he has an uncanny ability to force everyone around him to reconsider everything they thought they knew about off-duty dressing.

We could go on, but the point is that just because you’re not suited and booted, it doesn’t follow that you can’t look sharp. With the right checks and balances in place, there’s virtually no item of clothing that can’t be given the upscale treatment, just ask Cheshire.

Oliver Cheshire's best casual looks

The Master: Donald Glover

The Lesson: Try Tailoring That’s Not Tiresome

The fact that we’re in permanent slack-jawed awe at Donald Glover’s artistic achievements means it’s hard to be completely impartial when it comes to his style, but on balance nobody sane can argue with the man’s tailoring game.

If you struggle to recall seeing Glover in a run-of-the-mill dinner suit, that’s because you probably haven’t. A quick Google search will confirm that the incriminating evidence barely exists.

Come awards season, on the rare occasions he isn’t decked out in colourful tailoring, it’s almost a given that bold texture will be doing the talking, with velvet and corduroy the most likely culprits.

The only thing we can all be sure of when it comes to the artist formerly known as Childish Gambino is that his tailoring will never be lifeless – something worth keeping in mind before submerging yourself in a borrowed tux for your next black tie event.

Donald Glover's best suits

The Master: Zayn Malik

The Lesson: Used Judiciously, Print Is Powerful

Zayn Malik is one of life’s one percenters. We mean that in both monetary terms and also in regards to his knack for making the potentially ridiculous look annoyingly cool.

Since none of us are actually Zayn Malik, the ex-Directioner’s more batshit styling moves (robot arms and green hair, anyone?) are best left in the hands of the man himself, but his careful use of pattern is something that’s safe enough for the average Joe.

Contrary to popular belief, not all patterns are on a mission to mercilessly sabotage your look. If anything, when used judiciously, a stripe or floral print can seriously up your style stock.

Follow the Malik method and stick to one attention-seeking item, leaving the rest of your look pared-back. For example, try slotting a patterned shirt under a simple jacket, or wearing a printed bomber over monochrome basics. The result will be hard proof that pattern is a menswear power move, if ever it was needed.

Zayn Malik casual outfits

The Master: Timothée Chalamet

The Lesson: Your Younger Years Are For Experimenting

There are two schools of thought on the subject of experimenting with style in your youth. The first assumes that everything you try will be a cringingly bad dumpster fire of a disaster – ergo it’s best to play it safe. The second takes human form in Timothée Chalamet and dictates that you’re more likely to pull off potentially tricky items while young.

It would be easy for Chalamet to spend his time looking good (but unremarkable) in a rotation of different black and navy suits, but that’s simply not his vibe. Just as we’d encourage any man scarcely out of his teens to do, the Call Me by Your Name breakout star puts anything he thinks he can do justice on his back – and most of the time it works.

Colourful tailoring? He’s tried out a whole paint chart’s worth of the stuff. Air tie on the red carpet? Nobody’s neck has ever looked so free. Velvet, suede, corduroy? Done, done and done.

The lesson here is simple: sometimes in life, you’ve got to take a chance.

Timothée Chalamet statement outfits

The Master: Ryan Gosling

The Lesson: Find Something That Suits You (And Stick To It)

Nobody could pull Ryan Gosling up on his eye for style and what works for him. His ear for macabre folk music however (seriously, YouTube ‘Dead Man’s Bones’), well, that’s a very different story entirely.

From season to season, Mr Eva Mendes is never without a sartorial calling card. Whether it’s bombers in every colour and texture imaginable, his obsession with cosy, patterned knitwear, or a pair of Clubmaster sunglasses, each is picked for its ability to slot in seamlessly with an existing rotation.

When selecting a ‘uniform’, be it for a season or a century, the key is to take into account how you like to dress, your lifestyle and your budget.

A Zuckerberg-style selection of grey tees won’t cost the earth, but if most of your business takes place in a boardroom, it’s just not that practical. Similarly, if Tom Ford is #WardrobeGoals and you’re a personal trainer, those fancy suits may rarely see the light of day and will leave you with less money to stock up on an unfeasibly large amount of protein.

Ryan Gosling bomber jackets

The Master: Johannes Huebl

The Lesson: Shop According To Your Shade

There are pros and cons to being one-half of one of the world’s best-dressed couples. On the one hand, you can smile smugly in the satisfaction you’ve got something that hands-down beats a Rolex or Patek on your arm; on the other, your style runs the constant risk of being upstaged.

Luckily, German model Johannes Huebl is more than a match for wife Olivia Palermo. This is because behind that whole effortless shtick is a solid understanding of how subtle variations in clothing colour can make or break a seemingly simple look.

There’s a science to pulling together menswear magic from pared-back pieces. Huebl’s medium/olive skin tone means that colours that sit on the fence run the risk of making him look semi-naked from a distance. Hence why, in addition to a hefty smattering of blue, he often opts for stark whites and dark tobacco shades rather than cream or beige.

The takeaway? Take stock of where your largest organ lies on the colour chart and make sure that you’re stocking your wardrobe accordingly.

Johannes Huebl's best looks

The Master: Kanye West

The Lesson: Learn To Love Layering

Kanye West may (still) claim that he’s being intentionally locked out of the fashion game, but Yeezy was welcomed into the menswear fold long ago on account of his unquestionable layering game.

Whereas most mere mortals pile on the clothes to keep warm, West has used the technique to create a style all of his own known as ‘reverse layering’.

Though his oft-papped outfits capitalise on a unique brand of ‘that shouldn’t work, but it does’ styling wizardry, you needn’t be so outré. Start with the basics: focus on simple, lightweight garments and layer your look piece by piece, upping the weight of your fabrics as you go.

The great thing about savvy layering is it allows you to wear the hell out of what’s already in your wardrobe without raising eyebrows (or suspicions around your personal hygiene), and each layered look is a different combination from the next. Just don’t overdo it – even the walking Jesus complex himself couldn’t make some misguided style pairings happen.

Kanye West reverse layering

The Master: Harry Styles

The Lesson: Take Your Tailoring Downtown

Back when he was best known for a Crufts-winning barnet and a wardrobe of hand-me-downs from the set of Glee, nobody could have predicted that Harry Styles would be schooling the world’s male population on epic suit wearing.

Now out of the clutches of ‘the man’ and doing his own thing, Styles has discovered a whole raft of ways to do more in the tailoring department.

Sure, he’s probably helped out by rails full of freshly steamed suits to choose from, but even at his tender age he knows exactly what he’s doing with all of those fine threads.

Take a leaf out of the crooner’s book by retiring the safe navy and grey two-pieces in favour of something more contemporary in a pastel shade or all-over pattern. Then just slip into some loafers or Chelsea boots, and you’re done.

Harry Styles' best suits and tailoring looks

The Master: David Gandy

The Lesson: Double-Breasted Isn’t Just For Beanpoles

No matter what he wears (or doesn’t wear, as is the case in some of his ads), David Gandy’s style flex is invariably strong. Much like his cheddar-grating facial features. More to the point, he’s a well-built man who knows how to dress for his frame.

Measuring six-foot-three-inches, with a chiselled 40-inch chest, Gandy is best described as athletic, but he doesn’t let that shoehorn him into a series of dressed-down sweats.

We’re going to let you in on a little secret that he no doubt learn from countless hours on set: the double-breasted blazer is a lot more democratic than it’s given credit for.

Forget what you thought you knew about the DB being boxy and unforgiving, and instead acquaint yourself with modern, shorter takes on this suiting stalwart. And then take it to your tailor. Gandy’s good, but – as his suiting proves – he’s never too good for a nip and tuck.

David Gandy double-breasted blazer jackets

The Master: Tinie Tempah

The Lesson: Tailoring Shouldn’t Be Cut From the Same Cloth

If we had a nickel for every time we’d clocked a celebrity in a navy suit, well, we’d have celebrity bank balances. And while it’s a hard-to-falter look, Tinie Tempah isn’t afraid to switch it up to keep things fresh.

Of course, when the occasion calls for it, he’ll go traditional. But, it’s his willingness to swim against the tide of tiresome tailoring that makes him the yardstick for how to nail the suit in all of its forms.

If the only time you’ve tried your hand at light-coloured tailoring was at a summer wedding, take note of Tinie’s flawless track record of all-white outings.

Given the proper treatment (go for a darker cream colour if your skin tone is lighter, and opt for a pale grey or blue blazer if you don’t want to go the whole hog) suits and separates in lighter hues make headlines for the right reasons.

Tinie Tempah light tailoring looks

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How To Buy Running Shoes That Look Good And Perform Even Better

The Best Running Shoes You Can Buy In 2018

Hunt down your next PB in style

Image: Adidas

By Joe Mackie

Whether your sights are set on a marathon, the local parkrun, or just getting around the block without leaving your lunch on the pavement, if you’re running, you need specialist running shoes. Unlike those dusty Dunlops buried in the loft, run-specific footwear will ensure the miles are easier, faster and more comfortable, and may even help you sidestep injury. “You need to ensure the shoe you’re buying is designed with the specific technology for distance running,” says Becs Gentry, Nike+ Run Club Coach and ultra-marathoner.

“This is paramount,” concurs Paul Hobrough, a physiotherapist specialising in running biomechanics with clinics in Harley Street, London and Northumberland. “Just as the foundations of a house need to be of a specific support to prevent damage, the running shoe needs to balance support and cushioning.” 

Fortunately, it’s a great time to be dipping a toe into runners. We’re benefiting from a golden period of innovation, with brands investing heavily in R&D and thinking outside the box in design. New midsole foams are pushing the envelope on cushioning and energy return, carbon footplates propel us forward and woven uppers with anatomically zoned tension cradle our feet like never before.

And there’s style to go with the substance. While retro runners are feeling the love from discerning sneakerheads, new high-performance models are emerging as out-of-the box style classics. But with so many running shoes out there, with such variety in design and performance features, finding the perfect match for your specific needs and preferences can be daunting. Which is why we’ve distilled everything you need to know right here.

The best guide to running shoes you will readAsics

What Kind Of Running Shoes Do You Need?

To get the most from your running, it’s not enough that your shoes are simply run-specific, they need to be right specifically for you as a runner. “It’s critical to find the right shoe for you,” says Jane Vongvorachoti, Olympic marathoner and running coach. “Don’t buy a shoe just because it is ‘in’ or you see some top runners wearing them.”

Your Body Type

There are many factors to consider in finding that perfect sole mate. Start with your size and weight. The bigger and heavier you are, generally the more cushioning you will need in a shoe to absorb the greater impact forces as your feet hit the floor. Look for models with thicker midsoles that trumpet their cushioning properties.

But then, as in many areas of life, size isn’t everything: “Your size and weight are a factor in the cushioning needed from the shoe, however it’s not always a necessity that a heavier runner needs a more cushioned shoe if they run well,” says Gentry. Which leads us into your biomechanics, AKA gait or form, the highly nuanced and complex way that your body performs the seemingly simple act of placing one foot in front of the other.

It's important to pick the right running shoes for your body size and shape

Your Biomechanics

“We’re all so different biomechanically, so it’s not a case of, ‘Mo Farah wears that shoe so I’m going to get it too’,” says Gentry. As a rule of thumb, the more you run, the more efficient and problem-free your running biomechanics should be; so experienced runners can look for more stripped-down shoes with less cushioning, support and stability features. With your biomechanics as unique to you as your fingerprint, though, things can get more complex.

“It’s important to consider your running gait and how you land to have support in the right part of your feet,” says Vongvorachoti. There’s a long history in the running world of trying to match shoes to runners’ individual biomechanics to boost comfort and performance and, crucially, reduce injury risk. The now discredited wet footprint test has been replaced by more sophisticated treadmill running gait analysis on offer at specialist running stores, and many believe in the value of this. “If you’re interested in knowing the mechanics of how you run then it can be a great experience,” says Gentry.

Nike in store run analysis serviceNike Run Analysis

Yet in-store gait analysis isn’t foolproof and if you’re really serious you could go deeper: “Running shops that specialise and have experienced staff can be excellent, but finding the right shoe for your biomechanics is sometimes a dark art,” says Hobrough. “A running-specialist physiotherapist will assess the whole body and gaining that extra information before your investment can be very important.”

Pronation Control

A focus of any biomechanical analysis is pronation – the degree to which your knee rolls inwards after your foot hits the ground with each stride. If you over-pronate, which has traditionally been linked to a host of injuries, stability or motion control shoes contain technology to counteract this, building up under the arch with tech like medial posts or internal wedges to limit that inward roll.

These shoes are less common and less extreme then they used to be, and some experts now question both the connection between pronation and injury, and the effectiveness of pronation control in running shoes. “I am not an advocate of too much support from the shoe,” says Hobrough. “If you need specialist support, then a bespoke insole is the way to go.”

Still, the consensus is that some over-pronaters can benefit from a shoe with stability features. Just don’t expect any shoe to magically change your running style or immunise you from injuries. “Biomechanics faults aren’t corrected by a shoe,” says Gentry. “That’s something solved by rehab work and focused movements prescribed by a qualified practitioner.”

Description of image


If you feel you’re disappearing down the biomechanics rabbit hole here, you’ll be glad to hear that there may be a far simpler solution. Recent research by highly respected running form boffin Professor Benno Nigg, director of the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary, suggests that when choosing running shoes, your body knows best. His studies found the shoes runners chose purely on the basis of feeling most comfortable were also the most efficient in terms of running performance and reducing injury. It’s scientific validation for the hard-run wisdom generations of experienced runners would pass on.

“Comfort is key,” says Gentry. “A runner should be putting their trainers on and feeling like they’re an extension of their body. The shoes should hold and support where you want or need them to, they shouldn’t rub anywhere and they should feel like they are giving you a little bit of energy return with every step, not rigid underfoot.”

Consider whether they support your arch in the right place; ensure they don’t slide off your heel, but do move with your foot rather than pushing it in a different direction, and are roomy enough that you don’t bang your toes at the front. On that note, always buy running shoes half a size up from your everyday shoes. This will save you many a blackened toenail.

Description of image

Rotation System

As you get more into your running, you should consider adding different types of shoe to your ‘quiver’. In addition to steady-paced plods, your training will begin to include shorter, faster sessions and races. And different shoe types suit these different types of run. “I think it’s a good idea to have at least a couple of pairs of shoes,” says Gentry. “I wear the lighter, more responsive Nike Epic React for speed workouts and more cushioned and supportive Zoom Pegasus for my longer, slower runs.”

Investing in extra shoes may also save you on physio bills. Research by the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory in Luxembourg found that runners who rotated different shoes had 39 per cent lower injury rates than those who wore the same pair for every run. The scientists reckon this is because different shoes distribute the repetitive impact forces of running slightly differently, so lessening the repetitive strain in your tendons and tissues.

It's important to rotate your running shoes

What To Look For In A Running Shoe

Running shoes aren’t cheap. Most quality models won’t give you much change from £100 and at the top end you’re looking north of £150. However, the right investment delivers seriously advanced technology and materials that will significantly enhance your running experience. At the budget end (there are a few models at around £50), the minimum basic requirements you can expect and should check for are a midsole with decent cushioning, a breathable upper to help cool your feet, and a durable outsole (the bottom of the shoe) that’s contoured to the shape of your foot and offers decent grip.

Moving up to the mid-price range (around the £80-£110 mark), you should be looking for more finessed technology and features, such as anti-slip laces, anti-odour sockliners more support and stability features if you need them. At the premium end, look for more advanced versions of the tech, with components that are higher spec and, crucially, lighter.

Runners tend to care a lot about weight, and with good reason: A wealth of scientific research, supported recently by a study at the Locomotion Laboratory at the University of Colorado, has shown that you expend more energy with heavier shoes, to the tune of around an extra 1% effort per 100g of shoe. That may not sound like much, until you get to mile 20 of a marathon, or it knocks 30 seconds of your 50-minute 10K time. It’s worth spending heavy to run light.

Running Shoe Jargon Decoder

  • Heel counter: A plastic insert which makes the heel cup of a shoe stronger and more supportive.
  • Drop: The difference between the height of the heel and the forefoot.
  • Last: The outline of the shoe.
  • Lateral: The outer side of the shoe.
  • Medial: The inner (arch) side of the shoe.
  • Midsole: The section between the upper and the outsole. The engine room which contains the cushioning and any stability tech.
  • Outsole: The bottom of the shoe.
  • Toebox: The bit at the front that houses your forefoot and toes.

What Makes For A Good-Looking Running Shoe?

Thankfully these days you can get a return on your investment beyond your running miles.

The line between running performance and fashion has been seriously blurred by the likes of Adidas and Nike’s agenda-setting modernist aesthetics. With their woven uppers and sleek silhouettes, iconic designs like the Ultraboost and Flyknit Racer transfer seamlessly (quite literally) from chasing PBs at weekend races to strolling from your creative workspace to the local cold-brew coffee joint.

This, of course, is nothing new. Running footwear has a long history of sidestepping into classic style. Think Nike Cortez or Onitsuka Tigers – we call it retro, but this is the legacy of what was cutting-edge performance-chasing design.

Nike Cortez running shoe

What is new is the versatility of runners in the style sphere today. No longer are they confined to being worn with jeans or Sunday sweatpants: The suit/trainer combo is very much on, but some sartorial savvy must be applied.

“The formality of the suit in comparison to the trainer is key,” says stylist Eric Down. “If the suit is business-like then stick to slimmer styles, in darker shades. Avoid socks – better to show a swathe of ankle with a slightly cropped trouser than have oodles of fabric puddling on the top of the shoe. For more casual styles like a Nike Flyknit then suits in cotton, linen or seersucker for summer will make a perfect pairing.”

A surprising trend is high fashion’s recent embrace of running footwear’s uglier side. “The ugly running trainer is very much a thing amongst haute fashion types,” says Down. “Blame uber-trendy Vetements designer Demna Gvasalia, who’s Triple S trainers for French house Balenciaga were a chunky, souped-up take on the ‘dad trainer’ and a mega hit worn with heavy doses of irony. But perhaps this is a trend best left to the high fashion types.”

Adidas Ultraboost running shoe

The Best Running Shoe Brands

If you’re pounding out the miles, you’re better served by focusing on performance. And whatever your individual needs and preferences, you can ensure your chosen footwear delivers by choosing a brand with running-tech credentials and pedigree.

The Mainstream

Let’s start with the big hitters. It might be a multisport, global behemoth with uber-slick marketing and fashion-friendly design, but since the first waffle sole in 1974, Nike has been a powerhouse in running tech. Among many breakthroughs, the ‘innovation kitchen’ gave us the Free midsole for more ‘natural’ running back in 2004, both predating the barefoot running craze and outlasting it.

Last year, the shoe designed for Eliud Kipchoge’s sub-two-hour marathon attempt gave speed-minded consumers the same midsole footplate ‘spring’ for forward propulsion in the Zoom Fly; the new React midsole foam delivers a hugely impressive combo of softer landing and greater energy return when you push off, while the Pegasus is such a trusted all-round classic it has been around and gently evolving for two decades.

That other mainstream giant, Adidas, isn’t far behind. Its game-changing Boost midsole material re-wrote the rules on cushioning and energy return in 2013, and is now the foundation for many excellent Adi running shoes, from the instant classic Ultraboost, now in its fourth iteration, to the stripped-down speedster, the Adios Adizero Boost, worn by Wilson Kipsang and Mary Keitany on major marathon wins.

Best running trainers - Mainstream brands

ADIDAS ULTRA BOOST - click to buy NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 34 - click to buy NIKE ZOOM FLY - click to buy

Core Running Brands

Japanese brand Asics has a massive and fiercely loyal following among runners, and boast serious running pedigree. Nike founder Phil Knight sold Onitsuka (the company’s previous name, which still adorns its retro models) running shoes out of a van before the swoosh was just a twinkle in a marketing man’s eye, and they continue to be innovative and dependable.

Another runners’ go-to, delivering quality over a wide range of different shoe types is Saucony, with classics like the speedy Type A, pronation-controlling Guide and neutral cushioned all-rounder Kinvara in the long-term stable.

Others worthy of consideration are Brooks, New Balance – which got serious about running again recently with a refocus on its running heritage, a great new ‘Fresh Foam’ midsole material and some excellent shoes – and 361 Degrees, a relative newcomer in the West, but an established mega-brand in its native China.

Best running trainers - Core brands

saucony Kinvara 9 - click to buy asics GEL-NIMBUS 20 - click to buy Brooks Ghost 10 - click to buy new balance 890v6 - click to buy

Niche Brands

Finally, there are a number of niche shoe brands, which each have their own USP and a narrower focus. Hoka One One released its first ‘maximal’ cushioned shoe in 2009, offering an enormous amount of midsole cushioning along with a ‘rocker’ shape to propel you forward. It’s been a winning formula, earning exponential growth and carving out a whole new category of running shoes.

Another outfit doing things differently is ON. Since 2010 the Swiss brand has used its signature cushioning pods (which it evocatively calls ‘clouds’) on the bottom of its shoes. They look distinctive to put it mildly, but the design – which compresses on impact to dissipate shock, briefly locks together to provide a stable platform, then springs apart to help push your foot off the floor – works well, and has deservedly won a cult following and numerous industry awards.

Lastly, Altra’s USP is to encourage natural movement via ‘zero drop’, meaning there is no difference in sole thickness between the forefoot and heel of its shoes. The brand also uses an oversized toe-box to allow your toes to splay and move the way nature intended.

Best running trainers - Niche brands

hoka CAVU - click to buy Cloud X - click to buy Altra Torin 3 - click to buy hoka CHALLENGER ATR 4 - click to buy

About The Author: Joe Mackie

In his seven years as deputy editor at Runner’s World magazine, Joe has kept up to speed on every development in the world of running shoes; road-testing hundreds of models over multiple marathons and thousands of miles. He can talk for hours about medial posts, torsion resistance and the relative energy return properties of midsole materials, and is consequently best avoided at social functions.

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The Best Oxford Shirt (OCBD) Guide You’ll Ever Read

The Best Oxford Shirt (OCBD) Guide You’ll Ever Read

Why the trend-proof style should still be a cornerstone of your wardrobe

Image: Brooks Brothers

By FashionBeans Editors

The term ‘essential’ is thrown around more than a dice on the Las Vegas strip. You only have to look at the fact that there’s an album called Bon Jovi: The Essentials for evidence of that.

However, one piece to which the term has been correctly applied for more than 120 years is the Oxford shirt.

Sitting alongside a well-fitting navy suit, a selection of white T-shirts and selvedge denim in the menswear hall of fame, the OCBD (that’s ‘Oxford cloth button-down’ to the uninitiated) is one of the few key sartorial building blocks guaranteed never to fall from favour.

Bought in classic shades of sky blue, pink and white, an Oxford shirt has the ability to add a casual lean to an otherwise formal outfit or dress up a relaxed chinos and sneakers combination.

“It’s truly one of the most versatile and timeless pieces a man can have in his wardrobe,” says Chris Gove, creative director of British menswear brand Percival. “An Oxford shirt can slot easily under a summer suit, or over a plain T-shirt; be fitted or slightly oversized; worn with the sleeves down to the wrists or rolled up, and in every case, it never looks out of place.”

It’s no overstatement to say that the OCBD is as near as you’ll get to the ultimate wardrobe cornerstone. But in case you needed further convincing, here’s everything you need to know about this menswear essential.

What Is An Oxford Shirt?

Softer in its construction than a stiff dress shirt, and a tad more formal than your weekend flannel, the Oxford shirt is a solid, fail-safe option when you’re attempting to bridge the treacherous gap dividing smart and casual.

While the merits of owning an OCBD (or five) may come as no surprise, what might is that this staple has little to do with the English city with which it shares its name. In fact, the moniker is taken from the fact that it’s made exclusively from a thick, woven fabric known as Oxford cloth.

Description of imageBrooks Brothers

“Oxford cotton is created by weaving the cotton yarn in a certain way giving a textured rather than smooth finish,” explains Jermyn Street shirtmaker Emma Willis. “There are different types, starting with the classic Oxford, then the finer Prince Oxford, which has a slight sheen and more conspicuous weave.”

Despite often being referred to as an Oxford cloth button-down, not all are finished with a collar that fastens to the shirt. Those that do are inherently more casual, but smarter styles (most of which use collar stays to maintain their shape) still qualify as Oxford shirts if they’re cut from the right cloth.

History Of The Oxford Shirt

The Oxford shirt can be traced back to 19th century Scotland, where local mills were experimenting with different weaves and producing original fabrics. Four of these new types of cloth were named after the most prestigious universities of the day: Yale, Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford.

While the other three have since faded into sartorial obscurity, Oxford cloth has stood the test of time. This is thanks in no small part to Brooks Brothers, the oldest men’s clothing brand in the US.

In 1896, John E. Brooks noticed how English polo players pinned their collars down to keep them from flapping up during matches. Inspired by this, Brooks set about developing a shirt that used buttons to carry out the same task. The result was the Oxford shirt as we know it today and the end of the previous practice of men buying their shirts and collars separately.

Description of imageBrooks Brothers early Oxford shirt catalogue

However, it didn’t take long for the OCBD to gallop off the playing field, no doubt due to the fact that it looked equally at home paired with a tie and jacket as it did on horseback.

The style hit its peak in the mid-20th century when Oxford shirts were adopted by the preppy Ivy League set on America’s east coast and later Vespa-riding mods in the UK. “When I think of button-down Oxfords, I tend to think of Ben Sherman and the 1960s,” says Christopher Mundy of Jermyn Street’s Budd Shirts. “It became a keen look for many, as a fashion.”

From there on out, the Oxford shirt never went away – and given what a versatile piece of kit it is, it’s unlikely that it ever will.

Why Do You Need An Oxford Shirt?

In a word: versatility. The Oxford shirt has an unparalleled ability to blend into any setting and as part of almost any dress code. You could just as easily wear one to a formal event as you could down the pub. There aren’t many items of clothing you can say that about.

“It works well with a button-down collar and button cuff, but also looks great worn open, with a traditional collar and button cuff,” says Willis. “The Oxford has become [even more] popular as men do not have to dress so formally all the time and it converts so well from suit to jeans.”

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt For Different Dress Codes

Whether you’re suiting up for a work meeting or cobbling together a casual outfit for the weekend, getting dressed is made infinitely easier with a selection of Oxford shirts to hand.

To give you a friendly nudge in the right direction, we asked stylist Sarah Gilfillan from personal shopping service Sartoria Lab to recommend four fail-safe ways to wear your OCBD, whatever the occasion.


Oxford cloth may not be as fancy as poplin or pique weaves commonly used on dress shirts, but it can still be worn with a suit if you know how to get it right.

“An Oxford shirt is not the most formal style, so when it comes to styling, up the formality with high-contrast colours,” suggests Gilfillan. “For example – a white Oxford shirt with a burgundy knitted tie, navy cotton suit and oxblood loafers.”

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt To A Formal Occasion

reiss burton debenhams

Business Casual

Understandably, business and casual aren’t two words that have always gone together, but as office dress codes continue to relax, their pairing is becoming increasingly common.

“An Oxford shirt is the perfect staple item for business casual dress,” says Gilfillan. “Worn with an unstructured blazer or as part of tailored separates, you’ll never look over or under-dressed.”

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt At The Office

next moss bros debenhams

Smart Casual

For day-to-day duties, smart casual is the only way to go. Helpfully, the often tricky to dress for code is pretty much what the Oxford shirt was made for.

“An excellent default option for smart casual, an almost denim-toned blue version works well with sand chinos, but there are endless other options, and you can play with tucking it in and leaving it out to change the vibe.”

How To Wear Ab Oxford Shirt

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Dressing for downtime doesn’t always have to mean reverting to the same faithful hoodie or pizza-stained T-shirt. Instantly elevate your weekend attire by opting for a button-down in place of a sweat and earn yourself some off-duty style points in the process.

Switch out shoes for sneakers, throw on a casual jacket, and you’re pretty much there, according to Gilfillan. “A light Oxford shirt with jeans, a bomber jacket and trainers makes for a particularly strong weekend look.”

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt Off-Duty

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Buying Considerations

When it comes to the cornerstones of the male wardrobe, pale imitations are rarely a patch on the real deal. To make sure that your Oxford is (literally) cut from the right cloth, take note of these tips when searching for the perfect shirt.


While it might be impossible to visually distinguish between an Oxford shirt crafted from cotton and one blended with manmade fibres such as polyester, you’ll only get a comfortable, breathable and long-lasting wear from the former. Pure cotton Oxford shirts also offer a more pleasant hand feel, and will fare far better at keeping you cool in warmer temperatures.

Oxford Shirt Material


Depending on who you ask, different menswear experts will suggest a different starting point for your collection of Oxford shirts. Yet all agree on the holy trinity of colourways every man should own: sky blue, white and pink. This applies whether your Oxford is uniform in colour or striped.

The three OCBD colours every man should own


The enduring appeal of the Oxford shirt is its ability to be an everyman, which applies to fit as well as formality. Seek out designs that neatly follow your form without straining over your frame, looking out in particular for a box pleat (a rectangular fold of fabric that runs along the middle of the back) on the reverse for an increased range of movement.

Box pleat on an Oxford Shirt


Menswear purists will say that an Oxford shirt should feature a roll collar (where the lack of interlining causes the collar to rest in a curved shape) but straight collars (which, as you guessed, rest flat) offer a slightly cleaner finish. Oxford shirts without button-down collars, but still cut from the correct cloth, are usually reserved for formal outfits.

Rolled button-down oxford shirt collar


As with any other area of the male wardrobe, the devil is in the detail. Play to the Oxford shirt’s casual heritage by avoiding tricky French cuffs in favour of standard button cuffs. As for the fastenings themselves, mother-of-pearl sets the bar because it gives a depth of colour and is more resistant to cracking.

Button cuffs on an Oxford shirt

The Best Brands For Oxford Shirts


High-street outfitter Uniqlo is well-known for turning out quality wardrobe basics at wallet-friendly prices, and Oxford shirts are one of the things it does best.

Quality cotton, tasteful colours, a flattering fit and all this for less than half what most traditional brands cost. If that’s not worth braving the high street for, we’re not sure what is.

Uniqlo Oxford Shirt

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Brooks Brothers

The OG of the OCBD, Oxford shirt inventors Brooks Brothers was founded in Manhattan over two centuries ago, making it the oldest continually trading men’s outfitter in the US.

The firm released its iconic Polo Button-Down Oxford shirt in 1896, and in the process created a key building block in many a stylish man’s wardrobe.

Brooks Brothers Oxford Shirts

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As the high street’s go-to spot for simple American classics, it stands to reason that Gap has an extensive collection of Oxford shirts.

Expect soft, casual cotton, cut slim but not too slim, deployed across short- and long-sleeved versions in a wide range of colours, stripes and checks.

Gap Oxford Shirts

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Ralph Lauren

It’s impossible to think of an Oxford shirt without preppy, Ivy-League style springing to mind. And you can’t think preppy, Ivy-League style without ending up at Ralph Lauren.

The New York label has made the look its calling card since 1967, and its fitted, flattering Oxford options are some of the best around.

Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts

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Ben Sherman

The mod movement of the 1960s was one of the contributing factors that helped thrust the Oxford shirt into the mainstream, and it was Ben Sherman leading the charge.

Shirts by the British label have been passed from subculture to subculture, becoming iconic in the process. If you like your clothes to come with a story, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Ben Sherman Oxford Shirts

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Headquartered in Stockholm but with roots in preppy Americana, Gant is often cited as the brand that brought button-down shirts to the mass market. It’s also credited for inventing the hanger loop – another key casual shirt detail that was quickly adopted elsewhere.

While timeless, the clever detailing and modern twists on Gant’s products keep things moving forward. For a quality Oxford shirt from one of the originators, look no further.

Gant Oxford Shirts

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John Lewis

It should come as no great surprise that the old reliable of British department stores is well-stocked on the old reliable of men’s smart-casual dress codes.

With a strong offering from its in-house label, as well plenty of recognisable names, the retailer is bound to have an Oxford shirt that fits your wardrobe.

John Lewis Oxford Shirts

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One of America’s finest examples of classic, preppy style done well, J.Crew has become synonymous with easy-to-wear, modern wardrobe staples.

The brand’s approach has earned it legions of followers worldwide and its neatly fitted Oxfords are just one of the things that keep style-savvy shoppers coming back.

J.Crew Oxford Shirts

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Emma Willis

With a shopfront on Jermyn Street – the capital of British shirtmaking – Emma Willis creates some of the finest bespoke and ready-to-wear Oxfords on the face of the earth.

You’ll not see any fleeting trends among the shelves here – the focus is solely on traditional, all-English styles. So if you like the idea of timelessness, quality materials and craftsmanship, Willis is most certainly the woman to see.

Emma Willis Oxford Shirts

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Copenhagen-based label NN07 bills its products as the classics of tomorrow, and having kept a beady eye on its collections since 2007, we’d be inclined to agree.

The focus here is on simple wardrobe staples, an approach evident in its Oxford shirts, which feature a tidy slim-fit profile cut from resilient, wrinkle-resistant cotton.

NN07 Oxford Shirts

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One of the most reliable names on the high street for almost half a century, Topman is a safe bet for more or less every component of the male wardrobe.

The retailer’s contemporary line-up of Oxford shirts is no different and includes options in bicep-hugging muscle-fit cuts. Because even swole bros need to look smart.

Topman Oxford Shirts

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Jean Touitou’s French label has carved out a niche as the premier provider of minimalist, Parisian chic. A.P.C. pays little attention to trends, instead focusing its attention on a level of quality that is second to none.

The Oxford button-down has long been one of the label’s key items, making A.P.C. the perfect place to pick one up.

A.P.C. Oxford Shirts

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Why Every Man Should Take Up Boxing Training

What Exactly Is Boxing Training & Should I Take It Up?

Knock out fat like Anthony Joshua

By Tom Banham

For the past couple of decades, boxing training has come in two flavours: proper gyms where proper men properly hit each other; and fancy gyms where (mostly) women throw air punches with wrist weights. Many guys are understandably wary of rubbing sweaty shoulders with real fighters, but boxercise offers none of its visceral thrill.

But there’s now a third way: gyms that cater to men who want to learn how to fight, but don’t want to get hit in the face (at least, not yet). Their rise is in large part thanks to Anthony Joshua, the homegrown champion, who didn’t pick up gloves until he was 18. “It made guys think that they could do it too,” says Jamie Luis, who runs Fitness First’s new SPARR boxing classes. “And that it’s a way to look the way he does, too.”

Rightly so. The the boxer’s transformation, detailed in innumerable montages, is only achievable if you actually train like a boxer. “It’s about the explosive power and coordination of hitting something,” says Luis. Not that you need a butcher’s fridge or set of museum steps. Your gym’s probably already stocked with everything you need for a heavyweight workout.

The Benefits Of Boxing

Still Unconvinced? Here’s how boxing will punch up your normal routine.

Total-Body Muscle

Unlike your bench press PB, boxing is functional. “It’s great for total body strength and power as it uses the body from head to foot,” says James Trevorrow, who developed Virgin Active’s new Punch class. That means you’ll build that all-over muscle that makes boxers’ physiques so enviable. And feel the burn in muscles you never knew you had.

Burn Fat

Boxers fight for three minutes, then rest for one. “It’s high-intensity training,” says Luis. This spikes your metabolism for huge calorie burn while you’re training, then increased burn even when you’re out of the gym. You’ll knock out body fat even while you’re asleep.

Boxing training will help you burn fat quickly

Mental Stimulation

Boxing is tough, but an hour in the ring disappears quicker than the same time spent on a treadmill. “It’s fully absorbing,” says Trevorrow, “so the mind won’t go wandering too often.” It’s also perfect stress relief; you can’t hit your boss, but you can take out your full in-tray frustration on a punch bag.


“Boxing isn’t about punching,” says Ryan Pickard, former captain of England’s oldest boxing club, Repton, and founder of 12×3 Gym. “It’s about everything you do before you throw a punch.” Think footwork, mobility and the ability to picture your shot while ducking a fist.

Even if you never hit anything not wrapped in foam rubber, you’ll be faster and more nimble everywhere, from the football pitch to the squat rack.

Boxing training improves coordination massively

How To Train Like A Boxer

So you wanna be a contender? Before you step into the golden ring, these are the techniques to master.


You can’t sting like a bee until you can move like a butterfly. “Moving properly is the difference between hitting your opponent and being hit,” says Pickard. He should know; he started boxing at seven, won a youth Commonwealth gold and still trains Repton’s juniors. Make this your warm-up before every session, to build quick feet that can get you into range – and out of trouble.

Round 1

  • Place two cones around 10 feet apart. Get in a boxing stance – left foot forward, right foot back at 45 degrees, eyes over your left shoulder and fists by your chin (reverse if you’re left-handed).
  • Keeping your feet around shoulder-width apart, move between the cones. You should bounce lightly from foot-to-foot, with your weight on your toes. “Never look down at your feet,” says Pickard. In the ring, you’d get hit; out of it, do penance with two burpees.
  • At random intervals, stop moving and throw a one-two – that’s a jab then a right cross. “Make sure you rotate your torso, that’s where the power comes from,” says Pickard. Get back into your guard and keep moving. Repeat for three minutes, then take a minute’s breather.

Round 2

  • Stand side on, fists up, looking straight ahead. This time, move sideways between the cones. “Make sure you don’t bring your feet together,” says Pickard. Otherwise you’re too easy to knock over.
  • Again, throw random one-twos. But this time, before you punch, you need to pivot 90 degrees off your back foot, as if you were stepping into your opponent. Step back and keep moving.
  • Next, pivot off your back foot, as if you were stepping away. Throw your combo, then start moving.


Rocky will teach you a bit about how to box. YouTube will show you more. But if you want to learn the right way to throw a punch, you need an expert to show you. “Once you’ve got the basics, you can work on technique on your own,” says Pickard. “But if you don’t then you’ll just get good at all the wrong things.”

Most boxing gyms run beginner classes, but there are still many where the coaches don’t have time to help you. “At Repton, we have a rule – no fitness boxers,” says Pickard. Which is where his gym comes in. You learn proper technique but without any pressure to step into the ring (although 12×3 does run weekly sparring sessions, in case you get the bug).

SPARR and Punch are also focused on skills, rather than just sweat. “We start with shadow-boxing,” says Luis, “so the trainers can work out your skill level. Then we pair people up for pad work and move around the class giving one-on-one coaching.” That way, you learn to hit in a way that damages your opponent, not your wrists.

Man teaching boxing

Gym Work

A boxer’s body is built by boxing. But your conditioning comes outside the ring. “You need to run, a lot,” says Pickard. If you can’t last into the closing rounds, your opponent just needs to wait you out. And there’s no alternative to putting the miles in. For boxing sessions, a skipping rope is still your best friend. You’ll build stamina, shoulder strength, foot speed and coordination. Plus you can always have one in your bag, if you fancy a workout and don’t have a gym to hand.

As for weights, your body is your best friend. “Boxers do some leg work – squats and deadlifts – to build lower body strength,” says Luis, “but mostly it’s about explosive, bodyweight exercises: plyometric press-ups, box jumps, pull-ups.” A great punch is about speed more than strength and mirror muscle only slows you down.

Man doing explosive box jumps

Punch Bag

Hitting a heavy bag works every muscle in your body. At least, it does if you do it properly. “It’s particularly good for developing the body’s core through rotational training,” says Trevorrow. “That helps with achieving a six-pack, but is also brilliant for preventing injuries in the outside world, which are often caused by twisting.”

Unlike pad word, in which you move around with a partner and throw combinations at their hands, you can get a full-body bag workout without a training buddy. For the below workout, punch for three-minute rounds, with a minute’s rest. Work for 12 rounds as your cardio day, or finish a gym session with four-to-six rounds.

  • Range: move around the bag and pick your shots. Work on your body position and footwork.
  • Southpaw: switch stances and throw combinations. This helps your coordination and means you don’t only work in one plane of rotation.
  • Move your head: after every punch, move your head. Use your feet and body to dodge punches and get in position to throw your own.
  • Fight pace: keep moving, keep punching. If you aren’t throwing your hands, you should be stepping out of range.
  • Fight pace.
  • Fight pace.
  • Fight pace.
  • Fight pace.
  • Fast hands: where you hit doesn’t matter, but your hands should be flying. Try to keep your fists landing at head height.
  • Do damage: throw every punch as hard as possible. Make every one a knockout.
  • Slip punches: dodge and weave. Throw the occasional counter but this all about keeping out of the way. Make sure your head and shoulders are always moving.
  • On the inside: your legs should be heavy by now, so step up against the bag and throw punches from close range.

About The Author: Tom Banham

Tom Banham - Jocks & Nerds Deputy Editor

Jocks & Nerds deputy editor Tom Banham is an outerwear addict with bylines in GQ, Men’s Health and Mr Porter.

He’s fascinated by the collision of high fashion and streetwear, but also knows his way around a soft-shouldered blazer. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter at @banham_tom

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This Is What Women Really Think Of Men’s Watches

This Is What Women Really Think Of Men’s Watches

A new survey reveals which watches tick the box – and which ones will tick your date off

Image: Rolex

By Murray Clark

Like sports cars and skyscrapers, big-dick watches are sometimes thought to suggest a man has shortcomings elsewhere. If you’re wearing jewel-encrusted, 46mm monster on your wrist, then it might raise eyebrows for all the wrong reasons.

But this is 2018: year of the Instabrag photo op, Gucci maximalism and statement trainers. The laws of attraction are changing every day. Which begs the question: what do women really think of your watch nowadays?

Well, we’ve got an answer. Sort of. The good folks at German watch retailer Montredo surveyed women aged 20 to 39 to glean some feminine opinion on your fancy watch, and it would suggest that in fact, the rules haven’t changed all that much.

Minimalism is still the best way to clock up interest. Of all the watches the women were asked to rate, subtler pieces like the Nomos Tangente and Junghans Max Bill Automatic came out on top, respectively hitting 85 per cent and 74 per cent approval rates. Then, it was the classic sports-led watches: your Omega Seamaster and Rolex Milgauss.

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Prestige lines from the latter two brands didn’t perform as well as expected, though, with the Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ and the Rolex Submariner only just hitting 50 per cent. The Oyster Perpetual Datejust found itself underwater too, with a paltry 45 per cent. So much for iconic watches.

And, if your watch is of the peacock variety, then it’s a firm swipe left. Hublot’s Big Bang Gold and Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak – two watches with more grandstanding than a Donald Trump rally – found themselves near the bottom of the pile. Bigger, it seems, isn’t always better.

They weren’t the worst, though. The classic square watch – frequently peddled as a ‘trend’ with each passing Baselworld – will box off romantic interest. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and TAG Heuer Monaco were through the floor, barely scraping 24 per cent.

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The lesson here? Keep it simple. Just because you can spend a fortune on diamonds and gold doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. Nomos and Junghans may lack the pull of traditional luxury watch manufacturers, but that’s a good thing: you’ve got clean, restrained design that’s sure to age better than a diamond-encrusted showpiece, and better yet, these brands often punch above their price band in terms of horological quality, too.

So, the next time you’re hoping a date leads somewhere, make sure your wrist action doesn’t let you down.

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